Christoz is a serial entrepreneur who also loves to help others. His current businesses include property, fashion, consultancy and mentoring. At present he spends time mostly between the UK and Thailand after previously living in various parts of Europe, USA, China & Singapore.

Christoz has recently set the wheels in motion for a huge ECO-TECH project called Utopia 7 islands. This will not be like any other project he has created. Why? Because Christoz is not like most other people. He does not adhere to conventional methods in his life and this shines through in the clothes he creates and wears through to his businesses which are also extraordinary and ambitious. Currently he is about to release information on his ECO-TECH Utopia 7 Islands Project. Below is a brief insight.

What if... We could change the world, create something extraordinary and solve our world’s shortage of homes?

The Problem – There is a huge shortage of affordable housing (especially sustainable housing) around the world. Currently around 1.6 billion people lack adequate housing globally. The governments of many countries on our planet have not been able to rectify this problem or even come close to meeting the demand required for our constantly increasing population.


The Solution – To create a showcase of ECO-TECH (Eco-friendly High-Technology) based housing solutions, from basic to luxury, on 7 islands worldwide in the form of high end ECO-TECH Resorts for wealthy influential people to reside and take vacations.


Using the latest technology with eco-friendly resources and modular building techniques, the build time and carbon footprint can be drastically reduced and these methods can be replicated around the globe to create affordable sustainable housing projects in every country of the world. By bringing these techniques to the attention of the most affluent and influential people of the world with already huge followers and fan-bases we can collaborate and promote this to be used in every day mainstream home building projects to create a home for everyone - because ‘Every Human Deserves a Home’.

If you would like more information on the Utopia 7 Islands Project just go to 

Background: Island off the coast of Thailand.

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1.Christoz at Brocket Hall, 

2.with his 3 daughters on a family day out, 

3.getting educated with Glenn Armstrong, 

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5.caring for tiger cubs in Thailand, 

6.networking at The Yacht London.

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